Welcome to Saddle Creek Quarter Horses!

At Saddle Creek Quarter Horses we pride ourselves in our legacy of producing quality foundation Quarter Horses. We know you will like what you see in our horses for sale.

Bloodlines include: Bert, Oklahoma Star, King, Gray Badger, Peppy and Wimpy. We are making every effort to produce quality Quarter Horses from the older bloodlines and deliver horses with big hips, good legs, sound feet, and great minds. Most of our horses trace their background to eastern Oklahoma where many of the best cattle working horses in the country have come from. To our knowledge our stallion “MRL Starway Bee Bert” is the highest percentage Bert horse on the east coast at 29% Bert.

Bee is from Mark Lindsey’s Bert/Oklahoma Star breeding operation in Danville, AL. Most of our mares are also Bert bred with some of them coming from the Fisher Ranch in Oklahoma. The Fisher Ranch is the largest breeder of Bert horses in the country and has a long history of producing the versatile all around working Quarter Horse.

Our breeding of the Bert line is based on past history of using them on our farm in Grayson County, Virginia since the 1960’s. We found them to be able and willing to do any job on the farm and do it all day long, day after day.

E-mail us with any questions about our horse line. People travel from all over the east coast to purchase horses from us. On the past sales tab, you will find pictures of colts and fillies before they left the farm and some pictures from their current owners today.

Thanks for visiting. Happy trails…..

David and Matthew Todd